Tour Regulations

This notice is made according to Beijing Parks Regulation adopted at the 37th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11th Municipal People's Congress of Beijing on October 17, 2002.

1,The Summer Palace, as state key protection unit of cultural relics, is a treasure of Chinese culture. In Dec. 1998, it was listed in the directory of World Cultural Heritage by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), so any visitors at home and abroad should protect it well.

2,The Summer Palace manages and protects cultural relics and sights inside by laws & regulation, and has the right in prohibiting the behaviors to destroy them and claiming compensation.

3, Any visitors are not allowed to cross, climb, smoke, swim, skate, fish, spit, foul and litter and so on.

4,Any visitors are not allowed to camp, cook, fish, capture animals and dig plants inside.

5,Any visitors are not allowed to paint and carve on the buildings, ground, stone, facility and tree, and to pick the flowers and spoil the lawn and trees.

6,The north of pavilion of Wenchang and the east of Jiehu Bridge are fist-level fire-proof non-smoking zone, where anyone is not allowed to smoke there.

7,Don’t carry any guns, catapult, hazard materials and any animals into the Summer Palace.

8,Expect for hand-powered wheelchairs and baby carriers used by the aged, the handicapped, and children, any other vehicle are not allowed to enter without any permission.

9,Don’t go after the visitors for sale and go in for other unapproved businesses.

10,The professional camera equipments are not allowed to use inside without any permission.

11, Without any permission, don’t perform, sing and make a noise so as to influence and disturb other visitors.

12,The tour guides inside must have guide qualification.


Busy Season: (From April 1 to Oct. 31)

Open: 6:30——18:30,

Close: 20:00。

Slack Season(From Nov. 1 to Mar. 31 next year)

Open: 7:00——17:00,

Close: 19:00。

After the tickets stop selling, the visitors are not allowed to enter, and to leave on time.

14,Consultation Telephone : 62881144--6285.