Exhibition of Exquisite Imperial Furnitures from the Summer Palace

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      Furniture is regarded as an epitome of the human civilization , which reflects mankind's life styles and aesthetic conceptionsat at different times.

     Along with the development of human society , the innovation and use of furniture terminated the period when the ancients sat on the ground . Under the influence of history and culture in the pase tens of centuries , the development of various furniture for the daily life had been forging gradually ahead .By the Ming and QingDynasties , the manufacture of the traditional Chinese furnitures reached its palmy days.

      The Ming and Qing imperial furnitures made of first-class hardwoods such as red sandalwood , rose wood ,ferreous mesua and Xichimu wood are considered as a comprehensive expression of furnitures of the two dynasties and are acclaimed by the later generations as acme of perfection for their different shapes and styles , excellent workmanship , and exquisite craftsmanship .

       Among the imperial furnitures collected in the Summer Palace , except a small number of the them originally collected in the Ming court , some were made in the workshops of the Qing court by the order of the emperor , and some were presented by courtiers and local officials as tributes to the throne .These furnitures contain a great deal of cultural connotation relating to garden building , court furnishings ,historical events , and daily life of emperor and empress , having significant values of cultural relics and artistic appreciation.

Ticket Price:Suzhou Street RMB ¥10(Including this Hall);

Service hours:8:30——17:00 (Busy Season:from April 1 to October 31.);

Dates:a long-term exhibition ;

Locations:Hall of Serenity (Danning Tang).;

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